The Brookes Bar in the Raven Hotel

The Brookes Bar is within the original 17th Century coaching inn and during its history played host to a historic meeting and banquet between Dr William Penny Brookes and Baron Pierre de Coubertin which ultimately provided the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games. 

A copy of the fine banquet that was served at The Raven for Brookes and Coubertin in 1856 is displayed in the bar and features pigeon pie, ornamented hams, braised, boiled and roasted beef followed by such delights as ‘six vases of pineapples and grapes.’ .

Often used as a meeting point for friends you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere complemented by friendly, attentive service and food that really is a notch above the average.

Reservations available 01952 727251 or e-mail

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